What is a Star Booster?
Star Boosters grant you 30 minutes of accelerated Game Play in order to help speed along your progress.

Once you activate your Star Booster, you are provided with special rewards that are available for a limited time. These rewards include:
  • For 30 minutes your star percentage increases, meaning your scene stars fill up twice as fast. NOTE: This does not mean that you earn more stars, simply that you can earn them faster!
  • During that 30 minutes, your energy is automatically discounted. This means you only need to use 10 energy per scene instead of 15 without watching an ad!
  • On top of that, when activating a Star Booster you will also get a full Energy bar added to your balance.

Where can I find Star Boosters?
You can find Star Boosters in 5★-Boxes.

How do I activate my Star Booster?

Once you have acquired a Star Booster, you can activate them from within the Scene browser.
In the lower left corner, you will see a Star Booster icon (grayed out when you have no Star Boosters in your inventory).

If you have more than one Star Booster in your inventory, the amount will be displayed on top of that icon. Once you tap on the icon, a dialogue will appear, highlighting what you get from activating the Star Booster. You can then choose to activate it or to keep it for later. Star Boosters can be stored if you click the X in the pop-up window instead of ‘Activate’, your Star Booster will not be lost.

NOTE: Once you activate your Star Booster it cannot be paused or cancelled. The time must be used all in one sitting. Any unused time is forfeited. If you close the game or lose connection, the timer will continue. You can resume your time if you reconnect to the game before your time runs out.