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Seasonal Sets are exclusive, limited-time sets of decorations created around a special theme.

Each Seasonal Set contains 7 or more items, and a Grand Prize item. Each item is worth seasonal points. By collecting items from the set you gain points; once you have enough points, you get the Grand Prize item as a special reward!

Most of the items in a Seasonal Set can be purchased with in-game currency, however, some very desirable exclusive items can only be found in 5-Star Boxes.

Example: The Garden Soirée Set is an idyllic and romantic garden-themed set with 6 items and the Grand Prize: The Elegant Gazebo.

Please bear in mind that each item in a Seasonal Set has a different value, and the total number of points you need to get the Grand Prize can change each season. You can mix and match the items to get the points you need., so if 5 Cake Carts are your preference, go ahead!

Once you have completed the construction of an item and collected the points, you can sell or store your item and not lose the points. However, you will lose the item's Flowers.

Please be careful though, as all the items must be constructed and unribboned before the time runs out to collect the Grand Prize. You can only collect the Grand Prize once and it cannot be sold.

If you want the most special decor on Orchid Island, you simply MUST collect these limited and exclusive items. They are well worth a bit of extra effort. Enjoy!