In most cases, your progress was lost because June’s Journey on your device was disconnected from your Facebook account, or never connected in the first place. You do not have to play connected to Facebook unless you want to. However, there are certain advantages when you do choose to sync with Facebook, such as the ability to play across multiple devices, for example via your phone/tablet/desktop.

It also enables you to securely save your progress in case your computer or mobile device crashes, or when you want to transfer your game from an old device to a new one.

If you do decide to un-sync your mobile version of the game from Facebook, you will have to start the game again on your device from the beginning, as if you've never played before. You can, however, always recover your saved progress by simply reconnecting to your Facebook account at any time. If you want to disconnect, then please delete your Facebook app and your June’s Journey app. Reinstall both apps, but do not reconnect to Facebook in the game.

To log back in with Facebook and link your progress, simply:
1. Open June’s Journey on your device and tap on the 'cog' icon
2. Tap on 'Facebook' and log into your Facebook account
3. Allow your device to sync the progress fully before closing the game

If you do not wish to use Facebook, your progress may not be recoverable in some cases such as when switching devices if you are unaware of your prior User ID. We advise to notate your User ID in a safe location should you opt not use Facebook connection so we will be able to assist you.