Extra, extra, read all about it!
The Help Wanted newspaper is the latest buzz on Orchid Island. Through the newspaper, you can solve cases in exchange for rewards such as Coins, Energy, and Diamonds. Each time you solve a case, you’ll earn points toward the Challenger Prize!
When can I start solving cases from the newspaper?
Once you reach Chapter Four, you’ll be ready to start solving cases and earning rewards!
How can I solve cases from the newspaper?
When you’re ready to solve cases, go to your island and tap on the newspaper icon on your island screen.
There, you’ll see all of your available cases. You can solve cases in any order and at your own pace. After you solve a case, you’ll see a timer counting down until the next case is ready. You can speed up the timer by watching an ad.
How can I get the Challenger Prize?
You’ll see the Challenger Prize and the number of points required to earn it at the top of the newspaper. After you earn enough points, you’ll receive the Challenger Prize, and a new one will be ready for you to work toward. 
And that’s everything you need to know! We hope you have fun solving cases and earning fantastic rewards!