Your Profile lets you decide how you show yourself to the world. You can choose your own name and your own portrait. Your privacy and how you appear to others are completely in your control!

- Where can I see my Profile?
You can access your Profile from anywhere that you can see your name or portrait.
This includes in the top part of your screen when viewing Orchid Island and the leaderboard.

- How do I set my name?
When you begin the game, you are automatically given a randomly generated name. On your Profile, you can edit this name.

Please choose your name wisely. You can only set your name once. After setting your name for the first time, it will cost Diamonds to change your name again. Please be aware that names must be between 1 and 15 characters in length.

- How do I set my portrait?
You can change your portrait image on your Profile screen. The portrait currently being used will always appear highlighted. After choosing a portrait you would like to use, you can confirm your selection.

If you are connected to Facebook, you can choose to show your Facebook image to your Facebook friends by toggling this ON in the selection screen.

- Who can see my Profile?
Everyone can see the portrait and name you have chosen.
If you are connected to Facebook and you have chosen to use your Facebook image, only your Facebook friends will see it. Everyone else will see June, or whichever in-game character portrait you last used.

- How can I see someone else’s Profile?
You can view another player’s Profile by tapping on their portrait or name on the leaderboard or Visit A Friend screen.

- How do I block or report an offensive player?
If you find inappropriate content on another player’s Profile, you can press the red button to block their name. If you later change your mind, you can select "Unblock" and their name will return.

- I don’t want to see anyone’s chosen name. What can I do?
In the Settings, you can turn off “Show Player Names” and then you will not see another player’s custom name. You will only see everyone’s randomly generated name. This will affect the leaderboard, the Visit A Friend screen, and gifted bushes.

- What else can I do in the Profile screen?
When viewing another player’s Profile, you can also visit their island. Try gifting them a bush! You might make a new friend.