All payments in our iOS games are handled by Apple, this means that any refund requests must go to Apple.

We do not store any payment details of our users at Wooga. If you have purchased items but did not receive them, try quitting the app and then re-opening it. Find detailed instructions on how to quit an app here.
If after doing this you still cannot see your purchase, please follow these instructions to obtain a refund:

To obtain a refund for purchases made on your iPad or iPhone:

Method #1:
- Visit
- Sign in with your Apple ID
- Select "Report a problem" for the game you wish to request a refund from
- Choose the type of issue you are having in the selection box and enter your message in the box below.

Method #2:
- Open “iTunes Store”
- Scroll down to your “Apple ID” and tap it
- Select “View Apple ID”
- Scroll down and open “Purchase History”
- Locate the purchase you’ve had issues with, tap it, scroll down and tap “Report a Problem”
- Fill out the form that follows, and be sure to be as detailed as possible - when finished tap “Submit”.

iTunes should respond within a few days and process your refund within a week.