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Hi Detective! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your case solving in The Challenger newspaper.

Remember that in order for your task progress to register, you first need to open the newspaper screen to view your cases.

Also, some cases might seem a bit too hard to you, or you might prefer to see which others come afterwards. For this you can tap on the red refresh icon in the top-right corner of each task. You can only skip one task per 24 hours. Skipping one task will not skip the other two, so choose wisely!

Finally, here’s a guide to help in solving each type of case:

-Play Hidden Object Scenes
To complete this task, you just need to play the stated number of scenes. It can be any scenes of your choice!

-Get PERFECTs in Hidden Object Scenes
For this one you need to choose a scene and get a PERFECT. You get a PERFECT when you find all the items in a row without using a hint, before the bar at the top of the screen is empty.

-Gift Bushes to your Friends
To gift Bushes to your friends, you just need to tap on the boat that’s floating at the left of the island near the Lighthouse.

-Open Star Boxes
To complete this task you just need to open the blue boxes you get after completing each Star in a scene. To find your boxes, just tap on the Star Box icon at the bottom of the island screen.

-Open 5-Star Boxes
This task is similar to the previous one. The difference is that you only get one 5-Star Box in each scene. You can also buy 5-Star Boxes from the Star Box store if you want to complete the task quicker. Remember, 5-Star Boxes are the pink boxes!

-Pass Jack Hayes on the Leaderboard
To complete this task, you need to get a higher score than Jack Hayes on the scenes of your choice. To keep track of that, check the leaderboard that appears every time you play a scene.

-Beat your Own Score in Hidden Object Scenes
For this one you just need to choose any scene and get a higher score than the one registered on the leaderboard.

-Play Hidden Object Scenes with the Energy Discount Activated
To complete this task you just need to open your scene browser and tap the button with the camera that’s at the bottom right. You can also activate the Energy discount with the Star booster (the star icon that’s at the opposite side of the chapter browser).

With that, the Energy discount will be activated, and you’ll be able to play scenes for 10 Energy instead of 15. The Hidden Object Scenes you play while that discount is running will count toward the progress of the task.

-Find Objects in Hidden Object Scenes
Once you get this task, you just need to play Hidden Object Scenes as you usually do. Each item you find and tap in the scene will count toward the progress of this task.

The only thing you need to take into account is that, for all the objects you find to be counted as task progression, you need to finish playing the scene.

-Find CLUES in Hidden Object Scenes
Clues are the items you find in Hidden Object Scenes that have a relevant meaning in the story. There are two clues per scene, and unlike the objects, you can only find each clue once.

-Collect Coins from the ESTATE
To complete this task, you need to go to your island and find the Estate building. The Estate is the first building you built when you started playing June’s Journey.

Every now and then, a Coin icon appears on top of it. Tap on it to collect the Coins, and keep on going back to it until you get the amount required by the task.

-Earn Coins from Playing Hidden Object Scenes
Every time you play a Hidden Object Scene, you get Coins as rewards. The amount of Coins can be bigger or smaller depending on a couple of things. For example, completing the scene with a PERFECT always gives you a bonus.

-Spend Coins on Seasonal Sets
Seasonal Sets are the seasonal collections of decorations that you get in the Shop every month. To complete this task, just spend the required amount of Coins on any decoration you want.
Once again, remember that to get your progress tracked for the task, you will need to get the task on the newspaper first.

-Earn Materials
In June’s Journey, materials are needed to upgrade buildings, and they can be found in Star Boxes, 5-Star Boxes, and in Hidden Object Scenes. Look for the materials in those places until you collect the amount required to complete the task.

-Level Up!
To level up in June’s Journey you just need to keep on playing as you usually do, and producing Flowers with the decorations of your island. Go to the island and check the bar beside June’s face to see how many more Flowers you need to get to the next level.

-Travel to a New Chapter
To travel to a new chapter you just need to complete the five scenes and the adventure scene found in each chapter. Then, when the chapter is finished, you just need to open your scene browser and tap on the ‘Travel Now’ button.

-Collect Character Cards
You will find Character Cards in Star Boxes and 5-Star Boxes. Collect as many as the task requires to complete it and collect your rewards.

-Find Compasses
There are a few ways in which you can complete this task. You can find Compasses in Star Boxes and 5-Star Boxes, and also (sometimes) inside the Hidden Object Scenes’ chests. Finally, buying Compasses will also help you to make the progress you need.

-Complete Renovations for the Landmark
To complete this task, you need to go to your island and visit the Lighthouse, or the landmark that you’re currently working on renovating.

When you’re working on this task, take into account that one renovation is completed when one of the bars in the blueprint panel gets filled.

-Serve or drink drinks in the Café
This task will appear once you have unlocked the Café. To complete this task, you need to serve a drink (or drink another player’s drink) the required number of times.

-Collect Tips in the Café
This task will appear once you have unlocked the Café. To complete this task, you need to collect the Tips that have been left in your Tip Jar. Each drink you gift will also earn you Tips that are automatically collected.

-Use materials
Materials can be used on buildings or on Jack’s Deliveries. You will earn progress for all materials used. If you don’t have enough materials to upgrade a building and spend Diamonds to make up for the shortfall, you will only earn progress for the materials you did have.

Flash Bonus

The Flash Bonus is a bonus prize that can randomly appear as you make progress toward the Challenger Prize.

This bonus will only remain for a short time, so don’t miss it! Remember, this bonus is random, so it won’t always appear. Don’t worry! Eventually, you will see it again.

Extra Edition

Extra Edition is a special time-limited bonus mode where you get a chance to earn extra Challenger tokens for Help Wanted tasks!


It works just like regular Help Wanted tasks, but now you can solve cases and progress to the prize faster! However, not all cases will give bonus tokens.

Extra Edition isn’t always available, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook pages and newsletters for information on when it’s coming up.