What are they?
The milkman is here with a daily delivery! Stop by once per day to see what rewards await. After 30 days of logging in, you will receive a special decoration for your island.

How do I collect?

Once per calendar day, you will see a milk truck appear near the gate of your island with an icon above it. Simply tap this icon to open your delivery screen.

If you have already collected your reward for the day, the milkman will not appear on your island (he has to resupply for tomorrow).

What do I get?

You will receive rewards like Coins, Diamonds, and Energy of varying amounts throughout your 30 days. Every 5 days, you will receive a larger reward.

At the end of the 30 days, you will receive a special decoration! Once you have received your final prize, you will no longer receive daily deliveries because the milkman will be on your island to stay!

Don’t worry about missing a day--the milkman will keep your delivery safe, so you don’t have to log in consecutively for 30 days straight. Even if you only log in every other day, or a few times per week, your progress toward the special decoration will not be reset!