This article is intended as an explanation of how in-game advertising works in our games.

Wooga works with trusted 3rd party advertising networks as a way to add revenue to our free to play games. These ad networks are responsible for finding and showing ads. Advertising allows us to supplement any revenue for our games and to help cover the costs of creating and running our games.

Wooga also works with our ad network partners to limit the ads shown based on categories to ensure that they remain appropriate for our audience - this means we would avoid political messages, religious messages or anything considered violent or inappropriate.

When it comes to inappropriate ads, please note that by default we block all inappropriate content, but sometimes ads slip through, for example, if it was miscategorised or poorly formatted. When these things happen, we kindly ask you to inform us (through customer care) so that we can take action and make sure that the ads that are shown in our games are not upsetting to our players and are in line with our company values.

One final important note is that Wooga does not share or sell our player's details, profiles or data in any way shape or form.