In general, there should always be an ad available from our 3rd party advertising networks. Ads work well for the vast majority of our players and over 95% of players who would like to see an ad can actually receive them.

However, on occasion, it may be the case that there are no ads available.
Reasons for this can include, but are not limited to:
  • Region - for example, ads may be more readily available for larger markets at certain times
  • Device type - Advertisers may request that we target specific device types so that they have a higher chance of reaching a target audience.
  • Device age - We aim to provide the best game and in-game ad experience we can in our games, sometimes this means that we may need to restrict older devices from receiving advertisements so that we can prioritise performance and stability.
  • Internet connection - Occasionally your internet connection may limit the availability of advertisements, for example, if playing while travelling and your device is switching cellular networks it can lose connection briefly which could prevent ads from loading on your device correctly.
  • Ad blocking software - if you are using any ad blocking software, ads may not work or even appear at all in our games. We understand the choice to block ads, however, if you choose to avail of the rewards from our in-game ads you can also simply whitelist our games within your ad blocker software.
  • Disabling 3rd party cookies - This is predominantly an issue for the desktop versions of our games available through Facebook. However, if you are blocking 3rd party cookies with your browser our games may have issues loading, and our advertising partners may be unable to serve advertisements
  • Broken ads - quite simply, some ads are poorly formatted and fail to display correctly in our games. Please report any broken ad experiences to our customer care team.
We are always investigating when there are ad issues, but some issues can be difficult to track as we rely on 3rd party advertising networks.

If you are having issues, please report them to customer care and describe the issue in as much detail as you can.

For example:
  • What game were you playing?
  • At what point in the game did you try to watch the ad?
  • What was the error? - ad no displaying, sound issues, no close button
  • Did you receive the reward?
  • What device are you playing on?