If you are experiencing any issue with viewing ads in our games on your mobile device, please try the following steps:
  • Please quit and reopen the app
  • Restart your device - yes, we know “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”...but it does work most of the time!  
  • Please ensure that you are running your device on a stable connection. Anything above 5mbs down should be adequate. You can test your connection here. We recommend running our games on a wifi connection to ensure the best performance and to avoid any additional carrier charges.
  • Please ensure your game is up to date by visiting the relevant App Store page. If you see an “Open” button, then you are running the latest game version available.
  • Please make sure that you are also running the latest available operating system for your device.
    For Android: Settings > System Updates > Check for Updates
    For iOS: Settings > General > Software Update
  • Allow your ads to be tracked - in your device settings. Enabling Limited Ad Tracking or changing your Ad ID may cause issues with in-game ads such as availability or seeing the same ads displayed repeatedly.We recommend having this option disabled for optimal performance.
    For Android: Settings -> Google -> Ads -> Uncheck “Opt out of Personalized Ads”
    For iOS: Settings > Privacy > Advertising -> Uncheck “Limit Ad Tracking”Please do not “Reset Advertising ID” on either device.
If these steps do not resolve your in-game ad issues, please contact through the help menu in the game settings menu with the following information:

Any steps you may have already taken to try and resolve the issue so that we can better investigate this for a proper resolution.
Please also include any information about the ad - if available i.e.:
  • The subject of the ad
  • At what point in the game was the ad shown?
  • Was there a close button?
  • If available, screenshots are very helpful.