Detective Needed Events in June's Journey are time-limited events where you have the chance to earn extra rewards including Diamonds, Coins, and Compasses.

Events can have different lengths, rewards, and ways of gaining tokens.

When can I play events?
Events can appear at any time and have different lengths. When an event is upcoming, an icon will appear on the island telling you when the event will begin.
Once the event has begun you have a limited amount of time to collect tokens before the event finishes.

How do I earn rewards?
As you earn tokens, your progress will be shown on the event screen. When you have enough tokens, you will earn the reward displayed on the card. Simply visit the event screen and you will automatically earn your rewards!

Some reward cards show two types of rewards. These are instances where you get to choose your reward! Make sure you pick carefully: you only get one reward and you won’t be able to change your mind.

Once you have collected all rewards from an event, you will still be able to visit the event screen to review your rewards but you will not be able to collect tokens anymore.

After an event has finished, the icon will stay on the island for a short period of time to give you a last chance to collect your rewards and show your progress. Always be sure to collect your rewards, as uncollected rewards will be lost.

How do I gain tokens?
Each event is different, which means the number and type of rewards can vary, and how you collect the tokens can vary, too. Each event will tell you the ways in which you can earn tokens.

Examples of gameplay modes that will drop tokens:
  • Scenes - Some events will have a chance to drop tokens. While playing scenes you will sometimes see tokens get rewarded, and at the end of the round the amount of tokens you earned will be shown. Keep playing to collect as many tokens as possible!

  • Help Wanted Cases - During certain events, cases in the Help Wanted feature will drop tokens as well. You will know when they are active as each case will show the number of tokens it rewards you.

The tokens you earn during the event only last for the duration of the event. Make sure you don’t miss out on collecting all your rewards while the event is active or you will be unable to collect them.

Once you have collected all the rewards, you will be able to go to the pop-up to see your progress but you won’t be able to collect them anymore.

And that’s everything you need to know! We hope you have fun with the events and earning fantastic rewards!