Ad blockers (e.g. Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin) can interfere with how ads work in our games and sometimes even block rewards from being given to you. So in order to receive gifts and for the best game experience, we strongly recommend that you disable them.

Of course, you don't need to shut them off completely; we understand the desire to use them. Follow these steps to disable ad blockers for individual websites, and more specifically, our games:

For uBlock and Ad Block Pro:
1. Open the game in Facebook in your browser
2. Click the icon of your ad blocker in the toolbar to open its Settings
3. Click "Disable on this page only" (uBlock Origin only requires you to click the big power button)

For AdBlock Plus:
1. Open the game in Facebook in your browser
2. Right-click the link in your address bar and "copy" the game's web address
3. Click the AdBlock Plus icon in the toolbar
4. Click the cog to open the Settings
5. Pick whitelisted websites
6. Right-click the blank bar and pick "paste"
7. Click "Add Website"