The Aviary is the 5th and last landmark located on Orchid Island. After all the hard work of constructing the landmarks through the years, Mr. Talbot decided to build a place close to the Lighthouse that will be a safe home for the different types of birds that inhabit Orchid Island. Upgrade the Aviary, collect Flowers for each step, breed birds, and create flocks that will fly over your island.

How do I unlock the Aviary?

The Aviary is available only after Mr. Talbot has completed building all the other landmarks on your island. Make sure that the Mountain Chateau is fully completed; after this, Mr. Talbot can start constructing the Aviary.

What types of birds can I breed in the Aviary?

There are four different types of birds that you can breed in the Aviary. For the time being, the birds that seem to be most comfortable nesting in your Aviary are geese, parrots, starlings, and seagulls. Every type of bird has a unique breeding time, flying behavior, and preference of environment on your island to explore, and all of them are happier amongst their own kind.

How can I start breeding birds?

After Mr. Talbot finishes constructing the Aviary, it’s time for some bird breeding! All you have to do is choose the egg of the bird you want to see on your island, and Mr. Talbot will start the process. Help Mr. Talbot daily in cleaning the egg, counting its spots, and polishing it before it hatches into a cute young bird!

My egg has hatched. What happens now?

You now have a tiny bird growing in your Aviary! Congratulations! Like all living creatures, your bird needs care and nursing before they’re able to freely explore Orchid Island. Help Mr. Talbot name, feed, and pet the young bird until it grows up. When your bird is fully grown, Mr. Talbot will release it onto Orchid Island, and you can start breeding the next bird. Keep breeding so your birds can have lots of friends!