The Orchid Archipelago is the larger group of islands that Orchid Island belongs to. Now, for the first time, the other islands in the archipelago are available just for you. You can decorate them the same way you have been decorating Orchid Island.
How do I unlock the Orchid Archipelago?
The Orchid Archipelago will be available once you’ve unlocked all regions on Orchid Island.
How do I unlock more islands?
More islands will be released as the story continues. When new islands are released, they will unlock whenever the last region on your current island is unlocked.
How do I visit a new island?
Tap on the button with the compass and map (next to the Store button) to view the Orchid Archipelago map.
From here, you can explore the map and tap on any unlocked island to select it. Once you’ve selected the island, tap again to enter.
What can I do on the new islands?
Decorate to your heart’s content! Decoration on the new islands works the same way as on Orchid Island. The Flowers you earn from decorating on the new islands will help you unlock new scenes just as they always have.
There is one exception, however. You cannot place buildings that earn Coins on the new islands.
Can I visit a friend’s new island?
No. When visiting a friend, you can only see their Orchid Island. You cannot visit their other islands, and they cannot visit your other islands.
How many islands are there in the archipelago?
Keep unlocking all the regions on your islands to find out!