Every so often, the residents of Orchid Island like to gather together and celebrate important occasions. Join the Celebration and get fantastic rewards while you’re there!

How can I join the Celebration?

To become part of one of our Celebration events, come find us in the Gazebo! A beautiful, festive Gazebo (the symbol of a great party) is set in the east of Orchid Island, south of the Wedding Chapel. Simply click on the Gazebo to join us and help us celebrate!

How can I collect the Celebration’s rewards?

In order to collect the rewards of the Celebration you need to play a certain amount of scenes for each day’s reward. While the rewards will be different every day, your task will always be to play scenes throughout the event.

My reward disappeared when I tried to collect it the next morning. Why did this happen?

Since the event updates daily and resets at 12am, you have to claim the rewards before the clock shows midnight! In case you forgot to collect the reward within the day, this reward will be missed, and you will continue with the next day’s task.

What happens to the Gazebo after a Celebration is finished?

After each great celebration, some tidy-up is necessary. We will pack and store the Gazebo safely, but we will keep it around for the next big party! Keep an eye open, though, for the next time the Gazebo appears in the dock for another Celebration!