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What are Club Competitions?
Club competitions are a way for members of your club to play the game together in new ways. By playing Hidden Object Scenes as part of a club competition, you will earn points for your club. This will boost your club’s rank on the leaderboard. Get a higher rank to earn better prizes!
How can I play Club Competitions?
First, you have to join a club! Once you are in a club, check the club competition tab in the Detective Lounge to see when the next competition begins. Whenever a competition is running, a new icon will appear on the island screen by the Competitions and Sales buttons. If you are in a club at the beginning of a competition, you will be able to participate with your club.
When do Club Competitions happen?
Club competitions happen weekly on certain days. Keep an eye on the competitions tab in the Detective Lounge to see when a new competition is coming up.
How long do Club Competitions last?
Club competitions last for only a limited amount of time before and after your club’s meeting time. When a competition begins, you will see a ticket with all the relevant information on timings.
How long can I play in a Club Competition?
Each club competition has a ticket that shows how long you will be able to play. This is your own personal playtime. Once you start your playtime and tear the ticket, your time will begin to count down. If you have not yet begun your playtime, this timer will begin to count down automatically after your club’s meeting time.
Do I have to play for the entire competition?
No! Play for as long as you like. Even playing just one round can help your entire club reach higher ranks on the leaderboard.
I joined a club, but can’t play in the competition. Why not?
If a competition is already running when you join a club, you will not be able to participate until the next one begins.
Any tips on how to do well in a competition?
Play together with your club members! A club that helps each other out, gifts drinks, and plays at the same time will have the best chance of reaching the top of the leaderboard.

What modes are available in club competitions?

Competitions have their own sets of scenes. In these special competition scenes, you don’t find objects the way you usually do. For the time being, we have two modes of competition, Time Rush and Spot the Difference, each providing a unique way to find objects. However, we are planning to add exciting new modes to these competitions very soon, such as Mirror Mode in which the scenes are mirrored. Keep an eye out for them!

What do the scene number and plays mean?
There are multiple scenes in a competition. Each scene can be played a certain amount of times, and once you have completed all your plays, you will move on to a new scene. You will always move on to a new scene automatically. You cannot replay older scenes.
What is the number that appears below the club scores on the leaderboard?
This number displays how many people have completed their own personal playtime out of how many people in the club are eligible to participate in the competition.
If you tap on this number below your own club, you can see the progress of everyone in your club.
The competition is over but I didn’t receive a prize. Why not?
Only players who participate in the competition by playing at least one round can claim the prize at the end of the competition.
How do I receive my prizes?
Once the competition is completely over, you will be able to claim your prize. As long as you are member of your club, it will remain available to claim until the next competition.