How can I gift Energy to other June’s Journey players?
June’s Journey initially places you in groups with other June’s Journey players. These are the same players you see on the leaderboard or in the boat when you want to visit other players’ islands. You can start visiting the Café on Orchid Island after reaching Chapter 3, Scene 4.

The Café is a place where you can share a round of drinks with other June’s Journey players in your group. Every round you gift will appear on the bar of all players in your group to be consumed. Everyone in your group can drink only once from your round. There is no maximum amount of players that can drink from your round.

Everyone in your group that drinks from your round receives Energy. The amount of Energy that drinks in your rounds provide can be increased in the Tip Shop. When you gift someone’s round, you automatically gain the Energy that one of its drinks provides.

Drinks are best drunk when fresh, which is why a gifted round only stays available for 30 minutes, so pick a time when lots of players are playing!

A first round can be gifted for free every 23 hours. Additionally, 4 extra rounds can be purchased for Diamonds during this time. Each extra round comes at a higher price.

What can I do with the Tips I receive from gifted rounds?
When someone takes a drink from your round, you get Tips. Collect and save these Tips to purchase nice goodies from the Tip Shop.

Visit the Tip Shop by tapping the shopping bag icon in the bottom left corner of the Café screen.
Here you can purchase 5-Star Boxes, upgrades that permanently increase the amount of Energy for drinks in your round, and other pretty or useful things!
Can I get Tips in ways other than gifting rounds of drinks?
Tips can only be acquired by gifting rounds of drinks. Tips cannot be earned or purchased in any other way.

How can I let another player know when they should send me drinks?
You cannot interact directly with other players in your initial group, but you can make your own! You can invite your favorite players and Facebook friends into a club to officially become a group of full-fledged Detectives. When you’re in a Detective Club together, you can chat, share rounds of drinks, and even play together in club-specific competitions!

Every Detective Club can set a Meeting Time. Choosing a Meeting Time is a way to let everyone know when your Detective Club members will normally meet to play. Of course this would be the most convenient time to gift some rounds, as this is probably also the time when the highest number of Detectives are playing.

The importance of playing during Meeting Time fully depends on how strict a Detective Club is. Be sure to check the Detective Club’s description.

I am gifting a round every day but I don’t get any Tips or returned drinks back. Why is this?
The moment you gift your round is important. You can see how many players in your group are online in the Café. The more people that are online at the moment you gift a round, the more chance they will see it and take a drink from it.

When you join or create a Detective Club, you change from your default group to your Detective Club, which then becomes your new group to exchange rounds with. If your Detective Club has a low number of members, the chances of someone else seeing your gifted rounds are also low.

When can I start using Detective Clubs?
Detectives who've reached Chapter 4, Scene 2 can join and create their own clubs! Creating your own Detective Club costs 5,000 Coins.

(* Accepting another June’s Journey player’s mailbox invitation to a Detective Club can be done at any time after reaching June Level 6. This also unlocks the Café.)

I can visit the Café but I haven’t reached Chapter 3, Scene 4 yet. Why is this?
To pre-emptively join your first Detective Club before reaching Chapter 3, Scene 4, you need to be invited to one. You have probably accepted a club invitation that was sent to your mailbox. This permanently unlocks the Café and the ability to join a club at any point afterwards.

How many people can join one Detective Club?
Clubs are full when they contain 15 Detectives. No club can ever have more.

I have found a nice Detective Club I’d like to join, but I can’t join it. Why is this?
Detective Clubs can be full (when they have 15 members). Also, instead of being open, managers can choose to set their club’s status to “Application only.” Instead of immediately being able to join, you can apply to join these clubs. If a club’s manager accepts your application, you’ll automatically become a member.

Be aware that when applying for multiple clubs at once, you will automatically join the first club that accepts your application. Once you have been accepted into a club, all of your other club applications will be canceled.

Which messages do I see in the Café’s chat screen?
When you’re not in a Detective Club, you see automated notices from other June’s Journey players in your initial group. Posting custom chat messages to your initial group is not possible. 
When you are in a Detective Club, you only see notices from your fellow Detectives, not your initial group. In a Detective Club it is possible to post custom text messages to chat with others in the club.

Why can some Detectives in my club perform actions that I can’t?
A club consists of three different types of Detectives:

A Detective Club always has one President. The President is the leader of the club and has all available options to manage it.

Officer. A Detective Club can have any number of Officers. Officers can help the President manage the club and have most options available to do so. Officers can promote other members to Officers but can’t demote other Officers. Only the President can demote Officers.

Members. Newly joined Detectives start as members. Members do not have options to manage the club but do have the same ability to contribute as any other player.

The Detective who created the club is the President by default, but the presidency can be transferred to an Officer if the current President wishes to do so.

What happens if our club’s President suddenly stops playing?
After 30 days of inactivity (not logging into June’s Journey) the game will automatically transfer a President’s role to the most recently active Officer (or member in case the club doesn’t have other Officers). In this case, the previous President is demoted to Officer.