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What are Jack's Deliveries?

Jack's Deliveries are an additional way to consume your materials (such as paint, wood, or bricks) on top of upgrading your buildings. Jack ships material orders across the globe, and it's up to you to decide which destination will be his next! Every destination has different requirements and rewards, so choose carefully based on the materials you have or the reward you want.

When are Jack's Deliveries available?

Jack's Deliveries are available after completing Chapter 6. You can find Jack’s airplane hangar on the west coast of Orchid Island.

How do Jack’s Deliveries work?

Each delivery run, you are presented with a choice between 2 or 3 destinations. On the map, you can see that each destination has a different reward attached to it. When you select a destination, you will see the details of the order on the left.

The timer tells you how long it will take until you can claim the reward, and you can also check the material types and amounts you will need to fulfill the requirement.

Once you have made up your mind, simply hit the ‘Embark’ button!

Can I complete all the orders shown on the map?

No. You can only complete one order at a time, and the other orders will be discarded. But don't worry! New destinations will be available directly after claiming the reward from the previous order.

Is it better to consume my materials by upgrading buildings or by shipping Jack's Deliveries?

Both give valuable rewards, but we recommend that you upgrade your buildings whenever possible, as they generate Coins over time that are useful to your progression!

What is the Material Inventory?

At the bottom of the screen, the Material Inventory shows you the amount you have of each type of material.