What is Fairground Fortune?

Come one, come all, and take part in the amazing Fairground Fortune! This exciting event gives you the chance to win amazing, even rare, rewards from a prize pool. You will be given tasks throughout the event which earn you points when completed. Once you’ve earned enough points you get to spin the drum and win a reward from the pool at random!

This spectacular game of chance only runs for a limited amount of time, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and keep your eyes on the prize!

How do I earn points?

If you want to spin and win, you’re going to need enough points. The amount of points you need to start cranking out prizes (and your current progress) can be seen beneath the spinner. Once this bar is filled you get to spin the drum and win an exciting prize!

You can earn points by completing the tasks found to the left of the spinner. Each task is worth a certain amount of points that build toward your next spin, and these tasks change once a reward is claimed. Sometimes there are pinned tasks that won’t change and stay throughout the event. These pinned tasks offer more points than regular tasks, so be sure to strategize around them!

Once you’ve completed enough tasks, click on Spin to get an amazing reward from the prize pool! Do your best to complete as many tasks and spin as much as possible before the Fairground Fortune closes!

What rewards can I win?

Once you’ve spun the drum you will be rewarded with a random prize from the prize pool! You can see what exciting rewards are up for grabs right next to the drum.

When a reward is claimed your spin progress bar will be reset back to zero. From there, you’ll rinse and repeat the process until you can spin again!

The most sought-after prize is the rare prize found at the bottom of the prize pool. This reward is tough to get and has a rarer drop chance, so be sure to keep completing tasks and spinning!

Once you’ve collected the coveted rare prize, you can either watch an ad to replenish the prize pool or continue to collect the remaining rewards that are left. When you have collected all the rewards the prize pool automatically replenishes, with a chance of the rare prize changing!

Remember that this awesome event only runs for a limited amount of time, and you can’t take your points with you to the next Fairground Fortune. When the Fairground Fortune is over you can’t work on any more tasks, but you will have a short timeframe to claim all the rewards that you haven’t previously collected. 

After that, the Fairground Fortune is done. You can look forward to a new event in the future with more amazing prizes, so keep an eye out for that! 

If you are a social Detective and the Detective Lounge is not enough for you, exchange scores and tips with other players in our Orchid Social: Help & Tips Group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OrchidSocialGroup/ 

So, what are you waiting for? Test your luck and win heaps of prizes in the Fairground Fortune happening near you!