Come one, come all, and take part in the amazing Fairground Fortune! This exciting event gives you the chance to win great rewards from a reward pool, as well as an amazing Grand Prize. You will be given tasks throughout the event which earn you points when completed. Once you’ve earned enough points, you get to spin the raffle drum and win a reward from the reward pool at random.

Sound great? Well, it gets even better! If you spin often enough you will earn the Grand Prize on top! This spectacular game of chance only runs for a limited amount of time, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and keep your eyes on the prize!


How do I earn points?

In order to get your hands on all the exciting rewards (and the Grand Prize) of the Fairground Fortune event, you want to make sure you have collected enough points.

You can earn points by completing the tasks found to the left of the spinner. Each task is worth a certain amount of points that build toward your next spin, and these tasks change once a reward is claimed.

The amount of points you need to start winning prizes (and your current progress) can be seen beneath the spinner. Once you have completed enough tasks to fill the bar, you get to spin the raffle drum and win an exciting prize from the reward pool!

Each completed task progresses you toward your next spin, and therefore you will have the chance to win yet another reward before the Fairground Fortune closes!


I don’t want to complete my current task. Is there something I can do?

Did you just complete a task before opening the Fairground Fortune screen or do you simply not want to pursue a certain task? We might be able to help you with that, Detective. Some Fairground Fortune events will give you the opportunity to exchange one of your tasks for a new one. In order to exchange a current task for a new one, click on the circular icon on the right side of that task and you will be assigned with a new one!

Keep in mind though that while the first task exchange per event is free, each consecutive one will cost an increasing amount of Diamonds, so plan your strategy accordingly.


What rewards can I win?

You can see what exciting rewards are up for grabs on the right side of the raffle drum.

When a reward is claimed, your spin progress bar will be reset back to zero. From there, you’ll rinse and repeat the process until you can spin again and win another reward!


How can I win the Grand Prize?

The most sought-after prize of the whole event is called the Grand Prize and it can be found just below the reward pool.

After each spin, the counter below the reward will be updated and you will be a spin closer to the Grand Prize, so be sure to keep completing tasks and spinning!


That sounds great! Do you have any tips to share?

Remember that the Fairground Fortune only runs for a limited amount of time, and you can’t take your points with you to the next event. When the Fairground Fortune is over you can’t work on any more tasks, but you will have a short timeframe in which to claim all the rewards that you haven’t previously collected.

After that, the Fairground Fortune event is done. You can look forward to a new event in the future with more amazing prizes, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!