Can I connect to June’s Journey with my Apple ID?

Good news, Detective! If you have an Apple device running iOS 13 or above, you are now able to connect to the game with your Apple ID, regardless of whether you are connected to Facebook or not. In order to connect with your Apple ID, simply click on ‘Social’ in the Settings menu.

If two people are playing on the same device with different accounts, will the first account be overwritten?

If you wish to keep both accounts on the same device, and you are either connected with Facebook or with your Apple ID, you can use the  ‘Connections’  functionality under the  ‘Edit Connections’  section in the Social menu. You will be asked to choose which game you would like to activate, and you can connect with either your Facebook saved game or the game associated with your Apple ID and start your next session!

How can I make sure that the correct game is connected to my Apple ID?

If you have more than one game, you will be asked to confirm that the correct game is connected to your Apple ID. You can choose which save you would like to connect to your Apple ID, and you can continue with your session directly.

Careful though, Detective, because the other save will be deleted permanently!

Can I visit my friends in the social features (boat, clubs, etc.) with my Apple ID?

Unfortunately, for the time being, social features are only available for Facebook-connected players. Worry not though, Detective, for you can connect your game to both your Facebook account and Apple ID. This way you can visit your friends even from your Apple-connected game.

What happens if I log out of my Apple ID?

If you log out of your Apple ID account, you will automatically be logged out of all the other services connected to your game (including Facebook), in order to ensure the security of your game. If you reload your game after you have logged out of your Apple ID, a new game will start.