Can I save my June’s Journey game with my Apple ID?

If you’re playing on an Apple device running iOS 13 or above, you are able to connect and save your game to your Apple ID.
Saving your progress to your Apple ID allows you to easily restore your game on a new iOS device and sync your progress, enabling you to play across multiple iOS devices.

To connect your game to your Apple ID, follow these steps:
1. Open June’s Journey and tap the Cog icon on the right side of your screen
2. Open the Social tab
3. Tap ‘Edit Connections’
4. Sign in with Apple to connect and save your progress

Can I save more than one game to my Apple ID?

You can only connect one game save to your Apple ID.
We advise you to play only one game save per device.

If you’re playing more than one game on multiple devices, you can keep playing them but you cannot sync them across devices. Therefore, you’ll miss out on the helpful benefits of being connected to your Apple ID such as taking your progress with you when you switch to another mobile device.