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What is the Style Picker?

The Style Picker gives you the ability to change your style preference on buildings that have been completely upgraded in exchange for Gold. Once it’s been purchased, you can switch to that building style at any time.

In addition to style swapping, players now have access to a dazzling golden version of their building, named the Golden Facade (see Golden Facade section below). Want to own all previous building styles at once? The Golden Facades bundle includes ALL styles, plus the Golden Facade AND Flowers!

How do I obtain Gold?

Players can obtain Gold from within the Detective Lounge and Detective Leagues. After several weekly competitions, when you reach the end of the Leagues you will be rewarded with Gold.
The amount of Gold is based on the highest division your club achieves at the end of the Leagues.
Gold is used to stylize your buildings. You can pick up different styles in the Style Picker and Golden Facades.

The price per building is different, but when you have enough Gold for a new style (or the Golden Facades bundle) you will see a golden tooltip over the building.

How do I access the Style Picker menu?

Find a building that has been fully upgraded then select the building to show the Context menu. Notice there is now an icon with a building and a paintbrush, select this to enter the Style Picker menu.

How can I purchase a Style?

In the Style Picker, simply select the Purchase button for your desired style. Now you will see a preview on the island of what this style looks like. If you’re happy with your selection, confirm with the checkmark to apply it.

How can I switch Styles?

Switching styles is easy! In the Style Picker, simply select the purchased style you want in the menu and the style preview will display on the right side. Then exit the menu to apply the style.

Do I lose flowers for switching to a previous Style?

Not at all! Your Flower value stays constant. No Flowers are deducted for style changes. You can even increase the Flower value of your building PERMANENTLY by purchasing the Golden Facades bundle!

What are Golden Facades?

The Golden Facade is an exclusive, brand new, golden variation of your building. You can purchase the Golden Facade from the Golden Facades bundle shown in your Style Picker menu.

What is the Golden Facades bundle?

The Golden Facades bundle is a best-value collection consisting of the following:-

- Golden Facade for this building
- All previous styles for this building (permanently unlocked)
- Bonus Flowers

OUR TIP - Spend your Gold wisely! The Golden Facades bundle is the best value, costing less Gold per style overall. Avoid double purchasing a style by saving your Gold for this bundle instead.

How do I purchase the Golden Facades bundle?

Once you have enough Gold to purchase the Golden Facades bundle, the purchase button in the Style Picker will be highlighted green.

Select and then finalize your purchase on the confirmation screen. After the purchase you will be directed to the island to apply your Golden Facade. Should you wish to change styles again, open the Style Picker menu to switch to any style you like!

Which buildings have Style Picker and Golden Facades available?

A select portion of Orchid Island buildings will be eligible for changing styles and applying Golden Facades. More will be available in the future, so stay tuned!