What is Sweep the Board?

Prepare your favorite drinks and gather around the table for game night, Detectives!

Sweep the Board is an exhilarating time limited event where you play Hidden Object rounds on a game board for awesome rewards.

No need to roll a dice, the numbered spaces on the board represent a timed Hidden Object round you need to beat in order to advance through the board.

Each round you beat moves you one space closer to a Checkpoint where you can claim sweet rewards and save your progress!

If you end up running out of time in a round you have the option to add a few more precious seconds or restart at the previous Checkpoint. So get your game face ready for both risk and reward with Sweep the Board!

Do I need Energy to play Sweep the Board?

Every great board game has its own cards or currency, which is why you don’t need Energy to play Sweep the Board but rather: Play Tickets!

To get the good times rolling you’ll need to put in a few Play Tickets to open up the gate. As you progress through the board, you’ll only need to pay more Play Tickets every time you reach a checkpoint or decide to start over.

How do I earn Play Tickets?

Who doesn’t love a freebie? At the very beginning of Sweep the Board you get a few free Play Tickets to get game night started off!

Don’t worry if you run out. As long as Sweep the Board is active you’ll get the chance to earn more Play Tickets through Hidden Object Scenes in the main story. The more Hidden Object Scenes you play, the more chances you'll have to get Play Tickets to Sweep the Board!

What happens if I lose a round?

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to find all the objects in a round on time. If ever the time runs out you’ll have the option to spend a few Play Tickets to restart at the last checkpoint.

If you were super close you’ll also have the option to purchase more time and get a free hint to help beat the round. So don’t give up, there’s always a way to get to the very end of the board!

What are checkpoints?

Take a load off because once you hit a checkpoint you’ll be safe and sound! These coveted spaces on the board allow you to cash in all the rewards you’ve accumulated so far and, more importantly, save your progress.

Should you be unable to beat a round, you can opt to restart at the last checkpoint you reached instead of having to go all the way back to the start of the board. Play smart and keep advancing through the board until you hit one of these precious spots!

Can I save my progress even without reaching a checkpoint?

Need to take a much-needed break but haven’t reached a checkpoint yet? No worries, there’s a temporary save feature that’s super handy after an intense session of Sweep the Board!

After winning a round (or when a round isn’t currently active) simply close the event window or navigate to other features in June’s Journey. Be sure to only exit Sweep the Board when a round isn’t active or you haven’t pressed the Play button, as exiting mid-round counts as a loss and brings you back to the last checkpoint.

Be sure to use your downtime to whip up a refreshing drink and prepare yourself for the next rounds of Sweep the Board!

What happens if I disconnect midway through a round?

Losing connection in the middle of an intense round is super frustrating, especially when the stakes are high. We've got you covered though. During Sweep the Board rounds you will be allowed a few connection losses without losing progress.

You’ll be able to pick up where you left off after a few inadvertent disconnects, however keep in mind that these courtesy disconnects are limited. Should you use up these courtesy disconnects, you’ll be put back to the last checkpoint you’ve reached.

My friend and I got different scenes to play at the same checkpoint. Why is that?

The scenes you play are pulled randomly from a pool. There are a bunch of factors that come into play that determine what scenes you’ll receive, such as how far you’ve progressed in June’s Journey.

This makes the rounds you play in Sweep the Board more exciting, as you’ll never know what you’ll get. Not everyone will receive the exact same playthrough!

Do different players win different rewards?

Although the scenes in Sweep the Board are random, everyone gets to enjoy the same great rewards and prizes. How many tickets you need to invest, as well as the juicy goodies you pick up along the way, are the same for every player.

What rewards do I earn in Sweep the Board?

The big question on everyone’s mind during a board game: What do I win? There are a ton of awesome rewards to be won at every checkpoint, such as Coins, Diamonds, Energy, Star Boxes, and even decorations... to name just a few!

The last checkpoint on the board contains the Grand Prize which is loaded with generous goodies, a reward well earned for sweeping the board!

What happens if I still have some tickets and the event timer is up?

If Sweep the Board is over and you’re still mid-round, you’ll get the chance to continue playing until you either break your streak, exit the event, or hit a checkpoint. So don’t worry, you’ll still get that last-ditch chance to get some last-minute rewards if you play your cards right!

All leftover Play Tickets disappear once Sweep the Board is over. Think of it like returning cards and pieces when you’re packing up a board game. Not to worry though, Detectives. Sweep the Board will be back in the future and the fun will start all over again!

How can I earn and use hints? Also do hints expire?

Need a little trump card to help advance through the board? You’ll have chances to earn hints during hidden object rounds that are valid only up until the next round you play. A notification will come up letting you know if you’ve earned one of these coveted life savers.

These hints will be used up whether or not you choose to make use of them in the next round. So be mindful of the hints you have... you can’t take them with you after the next round is up!

You can also purchase hints while you’re playing a round of Sweep the Board. These hints are used instantly to help you find an object.