We at June’s Journey take pride in our values and aspire to be close to our players by amplifying their voices through our games. We hear your feedback and are constantly improving the policies around our games to provide a great experience for everyone.

One of the ways we can achieve this is by providing a fair and fun environment so that everyone can enjoy the social aspects of June’s Journey, allowing new friendships to emerge and promoting healthy competition among our players. In order to ensure fair play for all our players, we have introduced a cheat detection system and policies that ensure that everyone has an equal chance to achieve greatness with their club in our competitions and Leagues. Help us to further improve our systems by continuing to provide us with feedback and supporting our fair play policies.

Please find below our Frequently Asked Questions regarding our fair play policies.

I cannot access the social features of June’s Journey. Why is this happening?

If you are a new June’s Journey player and have not reached Chapter 3, Scene 4 yet, worry not, Detective! You need to reach the aforementioned level before you can unlock the social features of the game. However, if you have reached this level, unfortunately it has come to our attention that there has been some suspicious activity on your June's Journey account with regard to currencies and/or resources.

I wasn’t aware of the suspicious activity on my account. Is there any way that I can access the social features of June’s Journey again?

No system is perfect, therefore if you feel that your account has been wrongfully flagged, please reach out to our Customer Care team so we can review your account and the activity that caused you to be flagged by our systems.

Ok, I made a mistake and manipulated the resources in my game. How can I return to my club?

We understand that sometimes people make mistakes. If it’s the first time we have noticed suspicious activity on your account, and in order to keep the game fair for all players, the social features will be suspended and you will be removed from your club.

Am I going to lose my June’s Journey account?

No, your account will not be suspended. However, you will not have access to any social features, as this would be unfair to the rest of our community.