For 24 hours starting at 08:00 UTC on June 4, 2024, June's Journey will pledge to support the planting of real trees, based on the number of special tree decorations players purchase using in-game Diamonds, up to a maximum of 50,000 trees. You can choose between three special tree decorations and support planting one, three, or five trees, corresponding to the number of trees in the decoration.

This effort is made possible by our partnership with, an environmental impact-as-a-service platform. Along their journey, they've enabled the planting of over 750,000 trees and saved over 600,000 baby sea turtles, among many other significant achievements. For more information on, please visit their homepage at:

Turn over a new leaf for your island with these gorgeous decorations, and help communities around the world! Your actions will allow them to reforest and reinvigorate the local flora.


What special tree decorations are available?

Check out these verdant decorations in your Special Offers today!

Parkia Biglobosa

This charming tree is found in a wide range of environments in Africa. The special offer today includes a 1x1 decoration and will pledge one tree in real life.

Punica Granatum

More commonly known as the pomegranate, this elegant plant thrives in sun-kissed locales and captivates plant lovers with its allure and luscious fruit. Our artists have created a 1x1 decoration that contributes a pledge of three real-life trees.

Tabebuia Rosea

These gorgeous trees, native to Central and South America, are also known as rosy trumpet trees. They are represented by a 2x2 decoration with five trees that will pledge five trees in real life.


Each of these trees has a connection to places where plants real-life trees, in regions where they're most needed. We hope to help plant up to a maximum of 50,000 trees from this incredible special offer!

Players who purchase at least one of the above tree decorations using in-game Diamonds during the promotion period (from June 4th at 08:00 UTC to June 5th at 07:59 UTC) will receive a gift decoration: Arenga Pinnata. The decoration will be sent within five (5) business days of the end of the promotion period, and players need to claim the gift via their in-game mailbox. The mailbox message expires after fourteen (14) days, and any unclaimed gift will be deemed forfeited and will not be awarded.


How are tree decorations converted to real trees?

As pledged, Wooga will calculate the number of trees it will pay to plant, corresponding to the types of tree decorations the players purchase, up to 50,000 trees.


How do I know if the goal is met?

When our maximum goal of 50,000 trees is met, we will announce it via an in-game mailbox message. Otherwise, after the 24-hour promotion period ends, we will let you know how many trees we pledge to have plant via your in-game mailbox and our Facebook page. Please keep an eye out for those messages!


Can I get the special tree decorations after the goal has been met? 

Yes, you can! If we reach our goal of 50,000 trees before you're able to get the decorations, don't worry. We appreciate that some players may still want to decorate their islands with the trees after the goal has been met.

You can still get the decorations and place them on your island until the promotion ends. As always, you can see the time remaining on the Special Offers page. 


When does the promotion begin and end?

This special offer is available to you from June 4th, 2024, at 08:00 UTC. You will have 24 hours to purchase these decoration items using in-game Diamonds. The countdown to the end of the promotion will be available on the Special Offers page. So hurry, Detective! Get involved before time runs out!


Where will the trees be planted?

We partner with, an environmental impact-as-a-service platform that transforms millions of casual actions into real-life environmental impact.

They are making a difference in the world's most critical areas and will choose places where the trees are needed the most, including regions in Africa and South America, as well as areas in North America and Europe. For more information on and its portfolio, please visit