What is the Café?

The Café in June’s Journey’s Detective Lounge is where you can exchange drinks with your club mates (or other players you are connected with) for additional Energy and other resources. Each drink you share also provides you with Tips that can be exchanged for goodies. However, drinks served are only available for a limited time, so it’s important (especially if you are a club member) to serve them at a time when your other club members are available, and before the timer on top of the drink runs out.

What is the Meeting Time of my club and why is it important?

Since all drinks shared in the Café have limited availability, the Meeting Time is there to help you coordinate with your club mates. Your Meeting Time establishes when the rest of your teammates are available to exchange drinks with. If, for example, your Meeting Time is at 7 o'clock in the evening, you can enter the Café at that time to serve drinks and receive drinks from your club members. It’s also a nice time to catch up in the chat, as this is probably also the time when the highest number of Detectives are playing.

Main club selection screen with the text "Let us find the right club for you" next to a highlighted button "Join Now". Under that, there is a short list of two clubs showing the number of Members, Meeting Time, and the Playstyle of those two Clubs. The Meeting Time of one of the Clubs is highlighted.

The importance of playing during Meeting Time fully depends on how competitive a Detective Club is. Be sure to check the Detective Club’s description and make sure that you have chosen the play style that works best for you!

Everyone can serve the featured drink of the day for free for the first round. When you serve a drink, it will appear on the tray to the left and is available to all members. When you have drinks available, they will appear to the right.

How do I serve a drink?

You can purchase drinks for your club members by clicking on the drink icon in the bottom right corner. You will see a list of drinks that are available.

The option to the left is your free drink of the day, and it’s a good idea to meet every day with your team to exchange this drink! Once a drink is served, you will see the clock on the top of it start to count down until it expires.

Do not worry if you missed your Meeting Time and served a drink a little late. The clock will reset for everyone around the world at a preset hour every day. This way the drink timer resets in the game and you can serve your free daily drink at your next Meeting Time.

The free drink is different each day. One day that drink will provide your teammates with Energy, and the next it may be another resource like Gold, League points, or Tips.

You can serve more than one drink of any type to your teammates every day. Only the first round of the featured daily drink is free, but if you want to share any other type of drink you can use your Diamonds to do so.

What are the different drink types?

We have a plethora of coffees for you to choose from, Detective! The most common coffees are the Energy, Coins, Tips, Gold, and Surprise coffees which provide the rewards they are named after. However, from time to time, keep an eye out for seasonal coffees being offered in the Café, such as the League points coffees.

How do I select the right drink for my club mates?

Everyone starts off with coffee on the menu, but you can spend your Tips to get different kinds of beverage art (Mojito, Tea). Each time you serve a drink, you can select a different beverage (visual) from the left side of the menu. Then you can select what kind of reward you want to give. This is done on the right side of the menu.

A screen split in two; On the left side there is a Coffee with text "Your drink will look like:" and the option of  Coffee is selected. On the right side, the caption reads "Choose a reward - Round 1 of 5" and multiple options (Energy, Coins, League Points, Tips, and Gold) are available for selection.

Keep in mind that the free drinks rewards will be rotating on a daily basis, so let's look at this scenario together:

Today’s free drink is Energy, but other rewards that cost Diamonds to serve are also available. If you serve a Coins drink first, the free Energy coffee will not be available for your second round. When your selection is made, click the button to serve it.

If you revisit the drink menu, you can see a countdown until the drinks reset, and what will be free to give at that time. Until then you can give up to four more drinks with any reward you choose. Don’t forget to use the chat in the game to see what reward your teammates would benefit from the most!

Once everyone has served their drinks, you can see the rewards included and who gifted them back in the Café. Just click on a drink before the timer runs out to collect the bonuses.

How do I know who gifted me a drink?

If you want to know who gifted a drink (and who drank yours) click on the ‘Rounds’ placard in the Café. There you can see what drink was given, which reward it provided, and how many Tips you received.

A close-up of the "Rounds you gave" tip jar with the instruction Tap for history.