What are the Detective Clubs?

Detective Clubs are teams of June's Journey players that share drinks with each other, chat, have fun, and play together in competitions and the Detective Leagues to earn special and unique rewards!

Main club selection screen with the text "Let us find the right club for you" next to a highlighted button "Join Now". Under that, there is a short list of two clubs showing the number of Members, Meeting Time, and the Playstyle of those two Clubs. In the bottom of the page it is written "Not finding the club for you? Create one today!" next to a highlighted button "Create".

When can I start using the Detective Clubs?

Detectives who've reached Chapter 4, Scene 2 can join and create their own clubs! Creating your own Detective Club costs 5,000 Coins.

Alternatively, you can start using the Detective Clubs if you receive and accept a mailbox invitation from another June’s Journey player. This way you can unlock Detective Clubs at any time after reaching Level 6. By unlocking Detective Clubs you simultaneously unlock the Café, so feel free to check out our Café FAQ before sharing a hot cup of Earl Grey with your club mates.

How many people can join one Detective Club?

You can have clubs with one player or up to 15, but no club can ever have more than 15 players at the same time.

I have found a Detective Club that I’d like to join but can’t. Why is this happening?

If the club already has 15 members, that means it is full and cannot accept new members. Also, managers can choose to set their club’s status to “Application only.” Instead of immediately being able to join, you can apply to join these clubs. If a club’s manager accepts your application, you’ll automatically become a member.

Be aware that when applying for multiple clubs at once, you will automatically join the first club that accepts your application. Once you have been accepted into a club, all of your other club applications will be canceled.

An image of a Club with the name "Return Of The Titans".  The tab Club Info is depicted and the Type : Application is circled out.

What are the different ranks in the club and how do they work?

An image of a Club and its members. The icons of Crown and Shield (symbols of the President and Officer, respectively) are circled out.

A club consists of three different types of Detectives: President, Officers, and members.

A Detective Club always has one President. The President is the leader of the club and has all available options to manage it.

A Detective Club can have any number of Officers. Officers can help the President manage the club and have most options available to do so. Officers can promote other members to Officers but can’t demote other Officers. Only the President can demote Officers.

Newly joined Detectives start as members. Members do not have options to manage the club but do have the same ability to contribute as any other player.

Additionally, if the club's status is "Application only" then only the President and the Officers of the club can invite new members to join.

The Detective who created the club is the President by default, but the presidency can be transferred to an Officer if the current President wishes to do so.

What happens if our club’s President suddenly stops playing?

After 30 days of inactivity (not logging into June’s Journey) the game will automatically transfer a President’s role to the most recently active Officer (or member in case the club doesn’t have other Officers). In this case, the previous President is demoted to Officer.