What is the Tip Shop?

The Tip Shop is the marketplace of the Detective Lounge, and your go-to spot to trade the Tips you have collected for fantastic prizes. Here you can purchase competition hints, 5-Star Boxes, upgrades that permanently increase the amount of Energy for drinks in your round, different kinds of beverage art, character portraits to decorate your profile, and other beautiful things!

Visit the Tip Shop by tapping the shopping bag icon in the bottom left corner of the Café screen.

Image of the Café screen with the Tip Shop (shopping bag) in the bottom left corner highlighted.

What are Tips and how do I use them?

When someone takes a drink from your round, you get Tips. Collect and save these Tips to purchase nice goodies from the Tip Shop.

Can I get Tips in ways other than gifting rounds of drinks?

Tips can only be acquired by gifting rounds of drinks. Tips cannot be earned or purchased in any other way.

I'm not getting any Tips or drinks back for the round I served. Why is that?

The moment you gift your round is important. You can see how many players in your group are online in the Café by checking the bottom right corner of your screen. The more players online at the moment you gift a round, the more likely it is that someone will see it and take a drink from it. Also, if your Detective Club has a low number of members, the chances of someone else seeing your gifted rounds are quite low.

Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of my Tips?

The Energy increase in the Tip Shop is very popular. When you start serving drinks, your beverage provides 9 Energy. When you upgrade it, you will provide 10 Energy to each player that drinks your drink. It goes all the way up to 15 Energy per drink, so focusing on the Energy increase first is an easy way to accumulate more rewards for you and your club mates.

Image of the the Tip Shop, where the 5-Star Box, the Energy Increase, the Earl Grey, and the Red Wine upgrades are visible.