Hey Detectives, are you struggling to receive your gift through our gift link? Here are some tips on how to claim our gifts.

⚠️ First, check that the gift is legit!

Gifts are shared with a link by us on our official channels, like our Facebook page and our blog. If you are unsure if a gift is legit - do not click on it.
The gift link always starts with https://woo.ga. Only these links are official ones shared by Wooga.

Our gift links expire so be sure to use the link as soon as you receive it.

Image: gift link in the image is only an example not an actual gift link.

If you play the game through Facebook

If you found a gift link on any of our social media channels, simply click on it and the game will open.

Once the game loads, click on the mailbox and open the letter from Customer Care, usually titled 'Here's your Gift!'.

If the link can’t be clicked: You can also copy it and paste it in your regular browser’s address bar and hit enter. This will also open your Facebook game.

If you play the game on a mobile device

Be sure to claim the gift from the device you play the game on. You may click on the link shared on Facebook and you’ll be asked to open the game.

Sometimes, Facebook security settings might block the game app from opening. If that happens, we recommend copy and pasting the link on your mobile browser or claiming the link from our blog that will be shared in a comment to the original gift post.

Once your island shows up, head to the mailbox and find your gift waiting for you!

How to copy and paste a link to your browser: Hold your finger on the link until the “copy” option appears.

Once the link is copied, open your regular browser and tap your browser’s address bar until the “paste” option appears. Once you hit “Go” or any equivalent of the browser you are using, you will be asked for permission to open the game. Go ahead and allow it.

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