What is the Treasure Trail?

Detectives, you’ll want to be on this trail! An exciting time-limited sale, the Treasure Trail is a wonderful opportunity for you to unlock amazing rewards.

You will have access to a sequence of fantastic offers, each containing marvelous rewards! Simply claim your current offer to unlock the next one. Can you reach the end of the trail?

Remember that this is a time-limited offer, so don’t miss out!

What treasures can I find along the trail?

Do you like decorations, Diamonds, and Star Boxes? You may find those and many other fabulous rewards along the Treasure Trail!

Where can I find the Treasure Trail?

You will find details of your trail in our Offers section, which can be found in a tab inside the in-game shop.

The Treasure Trail is a time-limited sale, so if you can’t find it there, it means that the sale is already over or you have completed your trail. If that’s the case, don’t worry, Detective! We will let you know when the next Treasure Trail comes along via an introduction screen when you load June’s Journey.

Which currency can I use to claim my offers?

Treasure Trail offers are unique to each player. Some offers may be claimed with money, others may be available for Diamonds or Coins. Some may even be free! Be sure to check out what offers the Treasure Trail has waiting for you!

Is there a time limit on the offers? What happens if I don’t get to the last offer in time?

There is a time limit for the entire Treasure Trail, but not each individual step, so you can follow it at your own pace. However, the sale is over once the time runs out, so don’t miss out!

How does it affect my loyalty card?

Each in-app purchase that you make in the Treasure Trail will grant you a stamp on your loyalty card.

In which order can I claim the offers?

In the Treasure Trail, you claim your rewards from left to right. Once an offer is claimed, the next one becomes available to you. Will you claim them all and complete the trail?