Unlike the secrets your favorite characters are keeping, the way to play Secrets is no mystery! Just like in regular chapters, you need Energy to play scenes--but this event requires special Secret Energy.

You can get more out of your Energy by watching an ad before playing a scene. This reduces the amount of Secret Energy you need to play scenes, for a limited time.

Once you tap Play, you need to find all the hidden objects within the time limit. There are two different modes: Word Mode and Silhouette Mode.

Word Mode: You’re already familiar with Word Mode from playing regular chapters--find the items on the list.

Silhouette Mode: You’ll need to identify objects by their shape.

Your score at the end of a round determines your progress in a scene. Keep winning to earn fantastic rewards and uncover the story.

The bonuses to your score are the same as in regular chapters:

  • A chain bonus for finding objects in rapid succession

  • A time bonus for completing a scene quickly

  • An accuracy bonus for tapping the right objects without mistakes

Unlike in regular gameplay, using hints does not deduct from your score, so don’t hesitate to use them regularly!

Should the timer run out before you find all the objects, you’ll lose all the points you gained in that scene, as well as your win streak. It’s not the end of the world, though; for a few Diamonds, you have the chance to save your streak, gain extra time, and get a free hint!