Uncovering secrets can be hard work. That’s why we have hints to help along the way! These precious little lightbulbs illuminate an object so you can find it more easily. 

Whenever you find a hidden object in a Secrets scene, you have a chance to earn a free hint. You can use the hint by tapping the Lightbulb icon. Unused hints won’t carry over to the next scene, and hints don’t give you a score penalty, so you might as well use them before they go to waste!

Are you stuck and out of free hints? Don’t worry, Detective! You can also purchase hints with Diamonds. Just tap on the Lightbulb icon and you’ll get a pop-up to buy a hint. This hint activates immediately when you buy it, and can’t be stored for later use.

However, you won’t be able to purchase Diamonds in the middle of a round, so be sure you have some ready beforehand!