You may have noticed a familiar yet distinct icon in the Secret Study: the blue lightning bolt, which represents Secret Energy. It’s very much like regular Energy, but you only use it to play scenes in Secrets.

Just like its not-so-secret counterpart, Secret Energy replenishes over time. You may also pick up some extra Secret Energy every time you level up your win streak. Finally, you can buy some with Diamonds if you run out. Tapping the plus symbol next to the Secret Energy icon opens up the Secret Energy Shop.

You can also purchase the one-time-only Secret Energy bar extension to increase your overall limit of Secret Energy. This increased Energy capacity lasts for the entire duration of a Secret! If you want to get the most out of your Secrets experience, get this handy extension early on, so you have more Energy to burn.

Once the event is over and you’ve uncovered those Secrets, the Secret Energy bar extension disappears along with the rest of the event. Don’t worry, though--the next Secret event will arrive soon, and you can buy a Secret Energy bar extension again then!