Keep the momentum going and uncover that Secret faster with a win streak! Winning consecutive rounds in Secrets activates a win streak, which significantly increases the points you earn.

Each successive win levels up your win streak. The higher your win streak level, the higher the multiplier of your score will be! Win streaks are active for only a certain length of time, but each win restarts your win streak timer! 

You can check how much longer your streak will stay active in three spots:

The win streak icon in your Secret Study, which has a yellow ring around it that shortens as time passes
Next to the streak icon when you are on a locked scene
The ‘Streak Info’ screen, which you see when you tap the win streak icon in the Secret Study

If the timer runs out before you’ve found all the objects in a scene, the streak will return to zero. That’s no trouble, though, because you can always rebuild your win streak, or save it by spending a few Diamonds!

Leveling up your win streak may also earn you nifty little gifts (such as Secret Energy) to help keep that fire burning! To check the level of your win streak and other useful information, you can tap on the streak icon in the Secret Study.