Hey Detectives, we are glad to hear our community is as excited for Secrets as we are.

Secrets is a big and exciting feature, however, it is also super complex. To make sure the feature meets our quality standards, we have rolled it out to randomly selected players. We wish we could offer it to every player immediately, but this is a necessary step in game development.

Unfortunately, this means that not everyone will have access to Secrets yet and we are very sorry some players feel left out. Don't worry though. Once the testing is over you'll be able to enjoy the future Secrets and you will receive the prizes that come with it.

You will not miss out on the exclusive rewards. Once Secrets is available to you, reaching the completion and mastery milestones (silver and gold box rewards) you will also earn the rewards for the previous event you missed. Reaching completion will earn you the previous completion reward, and reaching mastery will earn you the previous mastery reward. This of course only applies if you did not receive Secrets during this launch.

We thank you for your patience and are looking forward to the Secrets you will be uncovering soon!