Each individual hexagon in your Search Area is called a sector. Sectors are fundamental to Club Mysteries, as you need to play and complete sectors to find the clues required to solve the case. 

In each Search Area, you begin by selecting your starting sector. Sectors can have up to three phases, and more clues will be available the more phases a sector has. Click here for more information on clues and how to get them!  

You can only investigate one sector at a time. After you complete your current sector, any adjacent sector is available for you to investigate. Alternatively, if your area is connected to another Detective, you can also play any sector adjacent to theirs.

Remember that there is a time limit to complete each sector, and if the timer expires, the sector will be restricted.

Can I get more time to complete a sector?

Even when you’re a skilled Detective, finding clues can sometimes be time-consuming. No problem, we’ve got you! You can increase the timer in a couple of ways:

Call for backup

Your fellow Detectives are here to help you out! You can ask for more time from your clubmates for free.

Increase your timer with Diamonds

You can also increase your own timer by spending Diamonds after you have called for backup, or if you are in call for backup cooldown

How do I know which sector I’m investigating?

You can recognize which sector you are currently investigating by the coordinates given in the Sector menu. Letters refer to rows, and numbers refer to columns on the Search Area.

You can see the coordinates of the sectors your fellow Detectives are investigating the same way, by viewing the map and tapping the sector they are working on.

This information will be very helpful to you and your fellow Detectives, especially when you wish to coordinate and communicate on which sector you want to complete, or which sector you want others to complete.

To get to the Sector menu, you have to tap the sector. You can open the menu for any sector, excluding the sectors covered with clouds.