Calling for backup is easy … and it’s completely free! 

Collaboration is key when solving the Mystery at hand, so don’t shy away from calling for backup.

All you have to do is tap the timer button with the plus sign on the right side of your sector menu, and then tap the Call for Backup button. Every Detective in your club will receive your call and has the option to send you some additional time for free, which will then be added to your sector timer

Your fellow Detectives can send you additional time for your investigation only when the sector timer is still active.

To maximize your chances of receiving backup, start working on your sector around your club's Meeting Time. That way, you can call for backup before you are in a tight spot. Backup requests can only be sent when your sector timer is still running.

Working together, completing sectors in a timely manner, and avoiding the police restricting your sector will benefit the whole club. Helping each other out will increase the odds of winning the final rewards, so remember to return the helping hand by answering your clubmates' backup calls. Backing up fellow Detectives doesn’t cost you anything.

How many times can I call for backup?

You can call for backup anytime, as long as the sector has been started and there's no cooldown for calling backup active. 

Each Detective can only have one active backup request at a time. When you do request backup, all other members of your Detective Club will receive the request. 

For example, if your club has 15 members, all 14 eligible fellow Detectives can back you up once per request.

Your backup call request will expire the moment you complete the sector, if the police restrict the sector, or when the Club Mysteries event ends. 

If you leave your club during the event, the police will restrict access to the sector, and this will terminate the backup request.

Remember to request additional time well before the timer runs out. If the police restrict access to your sector, it’s too late to call for backup.

How does the call for backup cooldown work?

When you call for backup, a cooldown timer starts. You can follow on your sector menu how many hours you need to wait before you can send a new request to increase your time. The timer might be different for every event.

E.g. You call for backup and request more time on Sector A before completing it. Then you start investigating Sector B. You still have to wait for the remaining cooldown time before you can send a backup request to your fellow Detectives, on Sector B or any further sectors you start.

Fortunately, you can use Diamonds to extend your timer for any sector at any point, even during an active backup request cooldown.

When the cooldown finishes, you can send out a free backup request for the current timer. Keep in mind that you can only call for backup once per sector timer.

This can be helpful if you regain access to restricted sectors. If your original sector timer runs out, and you regain access to your sector, a new timer will start, which will result in you being able to send a backup request on the new timer for the same sector, as long as the cooldown has finished.

Can my fellow Detectives help me to get access to a restricted sector?

Yes. If your sector timer has run out and police have restricted the sector, your fellow Detectives can help you gain access to it by spending Diamonds.