Sometimes you won’t gather enough evidence to solve the crime. This can happen to even the most skilled Detectives, and it’s nothing to worry about. There will be plenty of new opportunities to catch the Marquess and her henchpeople.

Complete Victory

Congratulations! If your club reveals all three pieces of evidence, this results in a Complete Victory.

Your club will receive a marvelous final reward from the third piece of evidence, and (most importantly) you will reveal the big mystery of who is the culprit!

Partial Victory

Missed the last piece of evidence? If your club wasn’t able to solve the case before the event timer ran out (because you revealed only one or two pieces of evidence), you can still celebrate a Partial Victory.

Partially solving a case is already a big accomplishment for any Detective!

Event Loss

If your club finishes an event without finding any pieces of evidence, this results in an Event Loss. Your club is not eligible for any evidence rewards.

Don’t worry, you will get them next time!