Remember to claim your rewards before the event cooldown ends.

When the event timer runs out, you are not allowed to complete your incomplete sectors. You can only finish your current hidden object round.

There will be a cooldown period at the end of the event when no more progress can be made, but you will be able to see the conclusion and claim any unclaimed rewards. The length of the cooldown period can vary from event to event, with the shortest cooldown being 48 hours.

Image text: The cooldown timer will let you know how much time you have left to claim the rewards. This image is just an example.

There are a couple of situations that might prevent you from claiming the rewards:

Event cooldown period ended

You have to claim the rewards before the event cooldown period ends.  

If you don’t participate

If you are not participating in the Club Mysteries event, you will not be eligible for any rewards. You must complete at least one phase of the sector to be eligible to win milestone rewards. 

If you leave your club

If you leave your club in the middle of a Club Mysteries event and have unclaimed sector or evidence rewards, you will not be eligible to claim the rewards. To avoid losing the fruits of your hard work, we recommend you stay in your club.

If you join a new club during the event

If you join a new club during the event, you are neither able to participate in Club Mysteries nor claim any rewards.

If you missed the event and final rewards this time around, don’t worry, another exhilarating Club Mysteries event is coming soon!