Finding a good sector to play is quite important. What’s good for you might not necessarily be good for everyone else. It all depends on you and your clubmates’ requirements and capabilities at that point.

Remember: The key is that you and your fellow Detectives enjoy it, and that you’re able to finish it. Below, you will find some tips that can help you make the right choice.


1. What reward will you get for completing the sector?

You can find the reward type and the amount as indicated in the image below. If your club is aiming for League domination, a sector with a League points reward might be desirable. However, the Diamond sector might be too good to let go!! 

Image caption: (1) Each sector offers a specific reward as seen here

This image is for representation purposes only


2. How many phases does this sector have?

If you play a sector with one phase, it can be finished quickly and with a relatively low number of Badges. However, you’ll only earn one clue, and it will yield less rewards compared to a two or three-phase sector.

Image caption: (1) These are the phases in a sector. This sector has three phases

Image caption: (1) This sector has only one phase


3. The cost to play will rise

Every sector you search may increase the price per play for the next sector that you select. 

More specifically, by the time you reach your seventh one-phase sector, the Badges required could rise from say, five Badges to ten Badges per play. On the other hand, if you complete just one three-phase sector, the price to play the second tile may only increase from five to six Badges. There’s no right or wrong option here, but your choices are still meaningful.

So, would you rather play six one-phase sectors, or would you rather play one three-phase sector?


4. The more Badges you use, the more valuable rewards you earn

Remember that the more Badges you’re required to use per play (or the tougher the sector is) the better your chances are of earning more valuable rewards. 

  1. For example, if your first sector required 50 Badges to finish and your seventh sector took 120 Badges to complete, you’ll definitely earn more rewards from the seventh sector.

  2. If you have a choice between a one-phase sector and a three-phase sector, you’ll definitely earn more valuable rewards from the three-phase sector.

  3. If the seventh sector you search is a three-phase sector, you’re going to have a windfall of rewards!


5. What’s your proximity to other players in your group?

If you go to a restaurant with your friends, you don’t want to sit at separate tables. Similarly, in Club Mysteries, if your searched area combines with the searched areas of other Detectives, all of you will have access to all of the bordering sectors, thus increasing your options and chances of finding sectors with better rewards.

Image caption: (1) Sectors completed by a fellow Detective (2) Your completed sectors

This is an example map for representation purposes only

Image caption: (1) Sectors available to you right now (2) Adjacent sector to your fellow Detective

Image caption: (1) You complete this sector

Image caption: (1) Both players now have a greater shared search area, and more sector choices (2) Your and your fellow Detectives’ search areas combine