1. Try to time your sector search along with your club’s Meeting Time.
  2. Remember that once you start searching/playing a sector, it is timed, so you’ll have to finish the sector quickly.

  3. You can ask for more time from your clubmates for free, and they can send you time for free as well. Do not wait until the last minute to ask for assistance! Ask for help as soon as you start a tough three-phase sector.

  4. If there is nobody around, you can increase the sector timer yourself by spending a few Diamonds.

Image caption: (1) Add time to your sector with Diamonds


  1. Before starting, always make sure you have enough Badges to finish a sector, as most failures occur when you start a sector with too few Badges. As a general rule, it is better to have a surplus of Badges when starting, rather than a small number of them.

  2. You can earn Badges as sector completion rewards, by playing regular Hidden Object Scenes, by sharing Badge drinks in the Café, by regaining access to restricted sectors, and also by buying them directly from the store.

  3. There’s a limit to how many “free” Badges you can store at a time. Badges that are earned by spending Diamonds do not have an upper limit.

Image caption: (1) Badges from regular hidden object gameplay (2) Limits (3) Wait until this limit is reached via gameplay


  1. It is best to earn your free Badges first, and then stock up on more Badges during your Meeting Time. If you reach the limit for free Badges, you won’t be able to earn more Badges from Hidden Object Scenes unless you spend some in the event.

  2. Badges do not regenerate over time.

Image caption: (1) Badges from regular hidden object gameplay (2) Limits (3) Badges from other sources