Badges earned purely from gameplay

If you have enough time and Energy, it’s a good idea to play regular chapters; these will naturally net you a decent number of Badges. Remember that you can only stock up on a certain number of Badges earned through normal gameplay. If you’re not planning on spending Diamonds and will only look to obtain Badges via gameplay, make sure you have more than enough time to spend→ earn→ spend the Badges while your sector timer is active.

  • For this strategy to work, you will need the help of your club; you will need their backup to get more time to complete the sectors. You’ll have to actively seek help for them to be able to assist you.

  • Once enough people have helped you, you’ll have a lot more time to earn the Badges from gameplay alone.

  • This strategy will be more effective if your club has a few active members present during Meeting Time, and if you begin playing your sector at that time.

  • To make this strategy work, you’ll have to play a high number of chapters, as well as prioritizing sectors that yield Badges as rewards.


Badges from chapter gameplay and the Café

For those of you who would like to take the most efficient path, a combination of gameplay and sharing drinks in the Café will probably be the best way.

  • Earn the maximum number of gameplay Badges before your Meeting Time.

  • Share and consume Badge drinks during your Meeting Time.

  • Start playing the sector during or after your Meeting Time.

  • With enough Badges, you may not need to request backup from your fellow Detectives.

  • As with the playstyle above, this strategy will also be more effective if your club has a few active members present during your Meeting Time, and if you begin playing your sector at that time.

  • You won’t need to play as many regular chapters to obtain Badges, as you will probably earn more from drinks at the Café.

  • It’s still a good idea to go for sectors that offer Badges as rewards.


Badges from gameplay, the Café, the shop, and regaining sector access

  • This strategy allows you maximum freedom in terms of how you manage your time and play sessions.

  • While all the strategies from previous sections apply here too, they are not mandatory, and the choice remains squarely with you.

  • When you buy Badges directly from the shop, you can start playing a sector without waiting for anybody. While this is not the most efficient way to play, it is definitely the most convenient.

  • Regaining access to the sectors of other players is also a very quick and relatively cheap way to earn Badges. Remember that the price of regaining access to sectors owned by other players is not incremental. This means that reciprocation here will be beneficial for both you and your fellow Detectives.

  • You can always mix and match these approaches (depending on the time available to you) and still achieve great results for you and your team.