Notepad offers you a nice way to follow your club's activity during the Club Mysteries event. It can be used as a tool for creating a better strategy or it can inspire you to play even better.

For example: You can see how many clues your club has gathered to estimate how many you still need. You can see how many sectors you and others have completed or how many clues you've gathered. Or maybe you can send a nice message in the club chat to your fellow Detective who has been busy backing up everyone.

Notepad contains your fellow Detective's statistics including the information on:

  • how many times they answered a backup request and gifted time for their fellow Detectives
  • how many Clues they have found so far
  • how many sectors they already searched

You can find your Club Mysteries Notepad on the left down corner of your Search Area screen. By tapping the icon, your Club Mysteries Notepad will open.

You can see your fellow Detective's statistics also on the Club Mysteries landing page.