What is Travels?

Grab your suitcase, Detective—you’re going on a Trip!

Travels is a new time-limited event that invites you to follow June as she travels across the world, accompanied by new and familiar characters. Immerse yourself in new cultures, local cuisines, and exciting activities. There’s always something to explore!

Moreover, in Travels, you’re not just in the back seat. For the first time in June’s Journey, you will be able to influence the story by making key choices to guide June’s Trip, earning exciting rewards along the way! 

How do I unlock Travels?

You can join June on her Travels after you reach chapter 3, as long as a Trip is in progress.

For the moment, this is a limited release, and not everyone will be able to join June. Keep an eye out for future Travels, though!

Where can I find Travels?

The Travels event will be visible with a new button on the middle-left side of your island screen, where you already find other events.

What are Travel Tokens? What can I do with them?

Travel Tokens are the main currency for this event. You will need them to progress through the story and to earn fabulous rewards!

How do I collect Travel Tokens?

Currently, Travel Tokens can be acquired by completing Help Wanted tasks or obtaining seasonal set decorations.

In Help Wanted, simply complete different challenges to progress through the Challenger Prize progress bar. The progress bar contains milestones; whenever you reach a milestone, you will earn Travel Tokens.

The principle is the same when obtaining Travel Tokens through seasonal sets. You will find milestone rewards in the progress bar, and as you obtain new decorations and fill the bar, you will earn Travel Tokens.

If you are part of the Travels event, you will be able to repeatedly progress through the seasonal set. You’ll be able to keep collecting Grand Prizes and fill the bar even after you receive the Grand Prize, with Travel Tokens as milestone rewards.

If you need a reminder of how to obtain Travel Tokens, you can always press the plus-sign button next to your token counter on the Travels main screen.

After pressing it, you will be shown all the different activities from which you can obtain Travel Tokens.

How do I play Travels?

To start the event, just press the Travels button on the middle-left side of the main island screen. You can unlock a new part of the story by pressing the “Play” button on the main Travels screen, as long as you have enough Travel Tokens to proceed.

Why can’t I continue the story?

If you reach the above screen and are unable to continue the story, it could be because:

  • You don’t have enough Travel Tokens. Work on progressing through the seasonal set and the Help Wanted tasks to earn more tokens.

  • You have completed all of the currently available story. More story releases will come soon, and the green button will tell you when a new one is available. It’s probably a good idea to collect more Travel Tokens in the meantime!

  • If the green button is no longer available on the Travels main screen, you have reached the end of the story. Congratulations, we hope you enjoyed the Trip! Keep your eyes peeled for future adventures with June.

How do I claim the rewards?

After you complete each story sequence, you will be able to find the rewards on the reward screen. This screen will also show you how far you’ve progressed through the Trip. 

You can access the reward screen by pressing the button on the bottom left of the Travels main page.

Once a reward is unlocked, you can press the “Claim” button to receive your rewards!

Be sure to claim your rewards before the event ends, as any unclaimed rewards will be lost!

Can I change my choices or restart the story?

We appreciate your eagerness to relive your Trip with June, but the story is a non-recurring experience and cannot be played again. This means that once you make a choice, it is final, so choose carefully!

What happens after I finish the story?

Congratulations on a successful Trip with June! We hope you enjoyed the views, the food, and the cultural experiences.

Finishing this story unlocks a big final reward! You can also still claim any unclaimed rewards until the event’s end date. Once you claim everything, the current Travels event will no longer be accessible. You will also no longer be able to earn Travel Tokens through Help Wanted tasks and seasonal sets.

Do I get to keep my Travel Tokens?

Travel Tokens are valid only for the duration of the current Trip, and they won’t be rolled over to future Travels. 

When will the story continue?

Travels is currently in limited testing, which means that we’re releasing only part of the “Mending a Heart in Athens” story. Keep an eye out for future announcements, where you can learn more about the release of the full story and about future Travels. In the meantime, share your thoughts about Travels in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/906264087557859

Why can’t I play Travels?

Travels is in a very early stage and is a limited event for now. We’re working on developing a captivating and worthwhile experience for our Detectives, so don’t be discouraged—keep an eye out on our channels for more information in the future!