Travels is a feature that allows you to go on a Trip, with exciting rewards at every step as you play June's Journey. Engage with activities in the game, earn Travel Tokens, and then advance along the Travels reward track! Every time you complete a step of your Trip, you unlock a reward, with a Final Trip Reward waiting for you at the end.

How do I unlock Travels?

You can play Travels after you reach Chapter 3, Scene 2, as long as a Trip is in progress.

Travels will be visible through a button on the middle-left side of your island screen, alongside other events such as Fairground Fortune.

We are still testing Travels for the moment, so not everyone will be able to go on a Trip just yet. Be sure to check our channels regularly for further updates, and look out for future Trips!

What are Travel Tokens, and how do I collect them? 

To progress through the event and earn fabulous rewards, you'll need some Travel Tokens! You can acquire Travel Tokens by completing Help Wanted cases, obtaining seasonal set decorations, and participating in all kinds of activities such as Sweep the Board and Secrets.

You can also get Travel Tokens from Travels token boxes, which contain random numbers of Travel Tokens. You may receive Travels token boxes as rewards from Help Wanted cases and seasonal sets. The wooden token box holds a good number of Travel Tokens, the pink token box contains even more of them, and the purple token box yields the largest number of tokens.

Earning Travel Tokens through Help Wanted

In Help Wanted, simply complete different challenges to progress through the Challenger Prize progress bar. The progress bar contains milestones, and whenever you reach a milestone, you'll earn Travels token boxes.

Earning Travel Tokens through seasonal sets

The principle is the same when you're obtaining Travel Tokens through seasonal sets. You will find milestone rewards on the progress bar, and as you obtain new decorations and fill the bar, you'll earn Travels token boxes. Remember to build the decoration after you buy it--you'll achieve the milestone only when the seasonal set item is complete, similar to how you earn Flowers.

If you're part of the ongoing Trip, you'll be able to repeatedly progress through the seasonal set. You'll be able to keep collecting Grand Prizes and fill the bar even after you've received the Grand Prize, with Travel Tokens as milestone rewards.

Earning Travel Tokens through events and activities

To see a list of all events and activities where you can earn Travel Tokens, tap the Earn Tokens button next to your progress bar.

Tapping the Earn Tokens button will display a screen with all the different activities from which you can obtain Travel Tokens.


How do I progress through Travels?

When you start earning Travel Tokens, a progress bar will appear at the top of the Travels screen. Once you fill up the bar with the required number of Travel Tokens, you unlock the next reward milestone on the reward track and can collect some goodies! 

How do I claim the rewards?

On the rewards screen, you'll recognize when a reward becomes unlocked when the lock image on that reward opens up and vanishes. Once a reward is unlocked, you can claim it. 

What is the Premium Pass?

The normal reward track offers free rewards as you progress in the Trip. However, with the Premium Pass, you'll have access to the premium reward track and, if you complete the Trip, an exclusive decoration as your Final Trip Reward. This means that, by owning the Premium Pass, you'll receive even more exciting rewards from the premium reward track with each reward milestone you unlock!

You can acquire the pass at any point during or even after the Trip, and you will be able to claim all rewards up to your current level of progression. The Premium Pass can be purchased once per Trip and does not transfer over to the next one.

How do I purchase the Premium Pass?

You can get to the Premium Pass purchase screen by pressing the Premium Pass button at the bottom of the Travels screen, or by tapping an unlocked premium reward.

I finished a Trip early. Can I still claim rewards? 

Yes, absolutely! If you complete a Trip before the event timer runs out, you can still visit the rewards screen to receive any rewards you haven't claimed yet. What's more, you can still purchase the Premium Pass and get to claim all the rewards on the premium reward track! You will be able to view the rewards screen until you have claimed all rewards on both reward tracks.

What happens after a Trip ends?

If you open the game after the event timer for a Trip runs out and you still have unclaimed rewards, then a screen will automatically appear on which you can claim those rewards.

If you are on the Travels screen when the event timer runs out, then you can still claim unclaimed rewards afterward and even purchase the Premium Pass too. If you leave Travels without collecting your unclaimed rewards, you will receive them through a pop-up window. When you have claimed all your rewards, the Travels button will no longer show up on the island screen.

Do I get to keep my Travel Tokens?

Travel Tokens are valid only for the duration of the current Trip, and they unfortunately won't transfer over to future Trips.

Why can't I play Travels?

First, check whether a Trip is ongoing and that you have reached at least Chapter 3, Scene 2!

Second, since we're still fine-tuning Travels, this feature won't be available to all players. We're working on developing a captivating and worthwhile experience for our Detectives, so thank you for your patience. As always, keep an eye on our channels for more information in the future!