Skips are tokens you can use to bypass ads and speed up your June’s Journey gameplay, allowing you to enjoy even more playtime.

Skipping ads is also helpful when you are trying to quickly gather keys for time-limited events, such as Detectives Needed.

Skips are available to all players who have reached Chapter 2, Scene 1.

Where can I use Skips?

You can use Skips wherever you encounter ads in June’s Journey.

Help Wanted tasks

You can use a Skip to skip watching the ad and refresh the Help Wanted task timer. All you need to do is tap the Skip button once and a new task will be available. It’s so effortless!

Hidden Object Scenes

You can use Skips to get the usual Energy discount without actually watching the ad. This applies to Hidden Object Scenes in both normal gameplay and Secrets.


With Skips you can conveniently bypass ads when you are breeding birds at the Aviary or when you are renovating landmarks with Mr. Talbot.

How can I use Skips?

It’s easy. You’ll see a Skip button as an option. By tapping the Skip button, the ad will be skipped, and one of the following will happen:

  • a new Help Wanted task will appear
  • the Energy discount will be added for Hidden Object Scenes
  • one landmark progress step will be filled

Before playing Hidden Object Scenes or when restoring the landmarks, you need to tap the camera icon in the lower-right corner. Tapping it will open a pop-up giving you the option to use a Skip.

You can always watch ads if you are out of Skips!

Where can I get Skips?

You can purchase Skips:

  •  from the dedicated Skips store

Do Skips expire?

No. Skips are like any other currency; they are only consumed when you use them.

How many Skips can I store?

All the Skips you want! There is no limit to how many Skips you can store. You can purchase an unlimited number of Skips.

We will send you a reminder once a day if you have no Skips left. A reminder pop-up will be briefly visible, but you can easily close this by tapping it.