Travel Tokens are the main currency for this event. You will need them to progress through the story and earn fabulous rewards! You can only hold a limited number of Travel Tokens at any given time, so plan your spending accordingly to make the most out of your Trip! 

You can acquire Travel Tokens by completing Help Wanted tasks or by obtaining seasonal set decorations. In addition, activities such as Detectives Needed, Sweep the Board, and Secrets may also yield Travel Tokens as rewards.

In Help Wanted, simply complete different challenges to progress through the Challenger Prize progress bar. The progress bar contains milestones, and whenever you reach a milestone, you will earn Travel Tokens.


The principle is the same when you’re obtaining Travel Tokens through seasonal sets. You will find milestone rewards on the progress bar, and as you obtain new decorations and fill the bar, you will earn Travel Tokens. Remember that milestones are only achieved when the building is complete, similar to how Flowers are earned.

If you are part of the ongoing Trip, you will be able to repeatedly progress through the seasonal set. You’ll be able to keep collecting Grand Prizes and fill the bar even after you’ve received the Grand Prize, with Travel Tokens as milestone rewards.

In both cases, if you don’t see milestones on the progress bar, complete it, and more milestones will appear once it restarts.


If you need a reminder of how to obtain Travel Tokens, press the green Plus button next to your token counter on the Travels main screen. Please note that the token counter will only appear once you finish your first scene.

After pressing the Plus button, you will be shown all the different activities from which you can obtain Travel Tokens.