If you reach the above screen and are unable to continue the story, it could be because:

  • You don’t have enough Travel Tokens. To earn more tokens, work on progressing through the seasonal set, Help Wanted tasks, and time-limited activities such as Detectives Needed or Secrets.

  • Not all story segments of a Trip are accessible immediately. Instead, new parts become available over time. If you have completed all currently playable story scenes in the ongoing Trip, check the gray button in the bottom-right corner of the main Travels screen; this will tell you when a new story segment will become available.

  • If the green button is no longer available on the Travels main screen, one of two things may be happening:

    • You have reached the end of the story. Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed the Trip. Keep your eyes peeled for future Trips with June.

    • The event timer expired.