Do you want to get even more out of your Travels, Detective? With the Premium Pass, you’ll gain access to a new level of rewards as you follow June around the world. 

The normal progress page offers free rewards as players advance through the story. However, by purchasing the Premium Pass, players unlock additional rewards for that Trip. 

The pass can be acquired at any point during the Trip, and you will be able to claim all rewards up to your current level of progression. The Premium Pass can be purchased once per Trip and does not transfer over to the next one.

How do I purchase the Premium Pass?

You can get to the Premium Pass purchase screen by pressing the Buy button to the left side of the premium rewards, or by pressing the Claim button on an unlocked premium reward.

Please note that we’re still testing Travels, so the Premium Pass might not be available to everyone just yet. As always, check our channels regularly for further updates, and look out for upcoming Travels!